Know the costs of Toddlerhood – How to control these costs?

Know The Costs Which Come With Toddlerhood - How To Control The Costs?
Know the costs of Toddlerhood – How to control the costs?

When a baby is born, motherhood also takes birth. The new mother is borne with a beautiful yet challenging life changing experience. From healing herself to breastfeeding sessions, from diaper changing to sleepless nights, the long list of tasks gets introduced. Your baby progresses through these tasks and crosses all milestones one by one.  She starts sitting, turning, crawling and then walking. She transitions to the next stage of her life. Congratulations!! She is a Toddler now.

Toddlerhood is full of adventure and a new journey. The most formative years of her life begin now. They learn and explore the most during this phase of life. A new set of challenges knock your door, and there is more than that hidden during this time and which are the costs which come with toddlerhood.

Introduction of New Stepping Stones:

Toddlers are hyperactive and inquisitive. They grow faster from this age and so does their requirements. They need more varieties of toys, independent space to play and sleep and they want to step out of the house more often. To fulfill these changes, you need to buy interactive and a variety of toys, more clothes and footwear, baby car seats, stroller and so on. They need to be purchased as they are a requirement of this stage. 

Though this is not specific to toddlers but during this phase a child tends to grow faster, and their requirements increases. You might wish to provide them experience of playing with variety of toys, they might need their own sleeping space so you might wish to shop cribs for them, you will take them out more often so you will need variety of cloths and footwear, baby car seats, stroller, walker and what not, list is very long if you prepare it. To sum up there are many new things to introduce in their life during toddlerhood.

Medical Expenses

With increased exposure of external world, they are more susceptible to getting sick. They go out more now, meet new people, and play with other kids in garden and playground, all these make for a good reason to get sick or get injured.  They are more likely to fall sick or get injured. This will keep you on toes and increase your visits to doctors and shoot up the consulting fees and medicine bills. Additionally keep a track on the vaccination chart and never miss any vaccination.

Bigger Living Space

This is for the first-time parent, once your little one starts walking; she will need extra space in the house. Home with good open space gives them space to learn more and faster. For this, you may need to move to a spacious apartment or a society with a large common space, garden or play area for kids. If you wish to provide such space to your kid, say hello to higher house rents.

House-help and Preschool

If you and your partner both are working professionals, you need a good daycare center for your baby. Alternatively, you can keep a helper at home and delegate some of your day-to-day work responsibilities.

Preschool comes when your toddler crosses 18-24 months. It varies from child to child depending on her growth and other factors.  Daycare, house help and preschool are expensive options which cannot be avoided. You should plan for such expenses as your baby is about to hit toddlerhood.


Pediatric suggest making your baby eat everything that is cooked at home. This will help her switch to the regular diet when she grows up. However, we need to make sure that she gets the required vitamins, protein, iron and other minerals from her diet. Your weekly / monthly shopping cart will have some food items dedicated to her to meet her nutritional requirements. Such baby foods are little expensive than the adult food. After all, the formative years are the base for her mental and physical growth. Get prepared for a bit higher grocery bills and I am sure you are not going to compromise here.


Once they learn to crawl or walk, safety is a major concern. During such learnings, getting injured is very natural but with some extra care we can minimize such instances. You can think to change furniture with sharp corners. If replacing furniture is beyond the budget, you can cover the sharp points with a soft and sponge material. You may need to enclose areas like balcony with a grill for assured safety. There can be need of cameras to keep an eye on her if you can’t afford to be around 24*7. There are many more safety gears and equipment that can be added to the list.  Everything will come at a price.


Your baby will get bored faster than anything; she needs on-going entertainment and attention. Few toys aren’t enough to entertain her, she needs more. She would love to go out, meet new people, visit new places and play with new toys every time. To entertain her you would want to take her out to kids’ zone, Fun Park, playgrounds, museum, zoo and gardens, or plan friends or family get-together, or you might bring new toys at home. Each option has a price tag.

Cleaning and Repairs

By now you have experienced many trailers of it. They get excited when they throw things; it’s a play for them. Toddlers are inquisitive to touch, hold, feel and experience new stuff. Get ready to experience a life where most of your focus will be to save household stuff from getting dirty or damaged. Be it your favorite showpiece or expensive carpets, you want to keep them safe and clean.

This list might have few more additions based on lifestyle and affordability, but every parent is going to bear costs which come with Toddlerhood. Max we can have a regular check on expenses to avoid misuse of funds. Experts say that there are ways to manage and minimize the costs in Toddlerhood, let’s talk about that.

Maintain a checklist to meet such obligations and keep the expenses under control.

Start Saving Now: Such expenses are cyclical in nature. If you plan to go for a baby, start saving now. Start saving now for your new-born and the toddlerhood expenses. This will keep you calm when you are required to make these expenses. You can read this: Know – How Well Are You Financially Prepared For Baby?

Ask for Help: You will have some friends and relatives whose kids are growing up and passed the age of a toddler. Don’t feel shy in asking for anything which can be useful for your kid. They will anyway give away stuff like toys, pram, and strollers, as they are of no use for their kids. Take that advantage of getting it for free of cost. This is a great hack to save up some money.

Don’t buy in rush: Try to plan shopping in advance, start building a cart and go for bulk buying, this might help you in getting a good deal. Look for bigger size pack for products used very frequently, this will be more pocket effective. Product like diapers and baby food qualify for big size packs. Impulse buying is mostly unplanned and expensive as you end up buying things without a good deal on them.

Go Sightseeing: As discussed above, staying at home is boring for kids.  But we cannot relentlessly buy toys or take them to parks with entry tickets. You can entertain her even without incurring an expense; just take her out to a garden or in a nearby playground, they would love to see nature around.

Don’t miss on Vaccination: Being regular and on time for vaccination will keep your baby immune from most of the curable illness. Vaccination increases immunity in your baby and makes her body strong in fighting many health issues. At times you can go for telephonic consulting with your kid’s pediatric in case of not so serious ailment and general queries, this can save you from some consulting charges.

Having a kid, these expenses are a part of everyone’s life, so do not let this demotivate you. Just plan things in advance and maintain a list of expenses to lower it.

Enjoy toddlerhood and let your baby enjoy it as this is never going to comeback ever again.

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