Health Care Essentials For Infant

Health Care Essentials For Your Infant

After birth, new-born gets exposed to the outside world. Your little one is about to experience everything for the 1st time – getting exposed to nature, different seasons, visiting different places and meeting relatives and friends. Her body will experience outside germs for the first time. Experiencing these with your new born are always fun and create memories forever. But life can’t always be so good. We need to keep the baby guarded against all the external factors. Add the health care essentials mentioned below to your list to safeguard your little champ.

Must Have Health Care Essentials for Infant


No matter what but you will use this at least 3 to 4 times in first year. Don’t panic, relax and always be with your baby. New born is very sensitive to the new environment. She can get fever due to reasons like change in weather or catching viral and so on. Fever up to a max of 102 degree is manageable at home. Dip cotton cloth in cold water and keep it on her forehead for few seconds. Repeat until you feel that her temperature has come down. It may take 30 minutes to 40 minutes. But you should immediately rush to the doctor when fever surpasses 102 degree Celsius. 
Nasal Drops

It is very common for new birdie to experience nasal congestion. This can give her difficulty in breathing and make her uncomfortable and cranky. Blocked nose can also interrupt in the routine feeding. To overcome this situation, put a couple of drops of Saline water in their nose. Repeat it again. She should feel better in few minutes. Saline water is basically salt water and acts like a moisturizer for her blocked and dry nose.

Nasal Aspirator

Mucus is very irritating for your baby. It blocks the nose and gives breathing problem. Pulling and plucking out the mucus using wrong methods can damage baby’s nasal lining. So never use a plucker or ear bud for removing mucus. Hands too won’t help as baby’s nostrils are very small. It is best and safest to use a nasal aspirator also known as nose cleaner or suction bulb. It removes mucus with ease and is very comforting for your baby.

Gripe Water

As your new-born only has breast milk in the first six months she is prone to gas. Besides, babies take air inside while nursing or bottle-feeding. So it is important to burp her during and after every feeding session. If she is gassy due to swallowing air check for symptoms like bloated tummy, burps, cries, farts, fussy or looks in pain. Give her tummy time by laying her down on her stomach or burp her. It’s important for her to pass the gas. Also, give her gripe water once you notice any symptom as it will give her immediate relaxation. You can offer her gripe water twice in a day. If you baby cries for more than 3 hours a day or more than 3 days in a week it means she is having colic pain. This can give you panic moments. But it’s very important to think of your baby undergoing this pain. Give her gripe water for temporary relief followed by pediatric’s advice.  Some parents offer gripe water daily to avoid gas and colic problems. Gripe water is a natural and safe remedy.

Baby Rub

Babies are very delicate and as much as possible, we should avoid giving them medicine for minor problems like mild cough and cold. If your baby has minor flu symptoms like sneezing, flowing nose, slight cold effect then apply Vicks Baby Rub on her chest, neck and back. Never apply on nose. It’s one of the oldest, best and easiest ways to cure cold. 
Diaper Rash Cream

Rashes are inherent to happen. It’s a good habit to apply diaper rash cream with every diaper change. It protects the skin from rashes and skin irritation. Look for the one that has Zinc oxide as it will keep the skin moisturized. 


Almost all pediatric medicines come with a dropper. But it’s best if you keep an extra dropper. Buy a dropper that has measurement scale marked on it. This will help you in giving right dose of medicine.


Baby’s skin is very delicate especially in the first few months after birth.  Ideally it’s best that not many people touch her skin. Of course, mother is an exception here. But it’s not possible to safeguard your baby every time. Place a hand sanitizer next to her. This way everyone will remember to use it before picking her up. A hand sanitizer is a never miss step before and after diaper changing, feeding and touching her.

Mosquito Net

Even if your house is mosquito free, keep your baby in the mosquito net. In case of mosquitoes, it’s better to be extra cautious and not let her bear the deadly consequences of a mosquito bite. Try to use it as much as possible and not just limiting it to using while she is asleep.  

Mosquito Repellent

Keep it on 24 hours. Find a repellent that doesn’t have a strong fragrance as it can make you and your baby giddy. The mosquitoes are a big threat in tropical and hot countries.

Let’s make the world a better place for your new-born with these healthcare essentials. She will only be smiling when guarded properly.

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