Grooming Rules For Women – Look Stunning

Must Know Grooming Tips For Women - Wear That Stunning Look
Must Know Grooming Tips For Women – Wear That Stunning Look

You are in your best outfit with the best accessories and right makeup, perfume and hairstyle. You look beautiful, no doubt about it. But still, there is something which is missing. How often do you feel this way? If you have felt this, then you are at the right place.

Here we will throw light on some of very important points about which we are not aware or we overlook. So, what are these points about?

We are referring to grooming.

Grooming is an uncommon part of our lifestyle. How much time do we spend on grooming ourselves?

You can manage looking beautiful but there is nothing more beautiful than looking clean and well groomed. Well groomed and looking beautiful complement each other.

Try following these grooming tips and add a new dimension in your personality. The grooming tips are low on cost and easy to include in our busy lives.

Must Know Grooming Tips For Women:


Trim your hair on time – twice in a month. It will make your hair healthy and gift them a new life.

Pamper your hair once in a month – Dull and lifeless hair is a BIG NO in the grooming list. Hot oil massage followed by a good hair mask is all that your hair needs. This not only conditions your hair and scalp but also makes your hair silky, shiny and smooth.


Eyebrows can change your face entirely. Bushy eyebrows or their wrong shape dampen your sharp looks.

Consult a professional who can suggest the right shape of your eyebrows according to your face cut.

Have your eyebrows done on time.

Facial Hair:

In today’s time, facial hair is a BIG NO. But it is a personal choice to get rid of them or lighten them with the help of bleach.

Be careful if you resort to the second option, which is, using bleach. Go to a professional to lighten the facial hair or learn the method of bleaching from them. Just like facial hair, yellow facial hair which is the result of bleaching look equally bad. Bleach when left for long makes the hair hard. The chemicals present in it can harm your skin in the long run. So do the research and take an expert opinion before getting your hair bleached.  

We suggest the first option, which is, shaving the facial hair. It is not only safe for your skin but it also makes your skin silky smooth and glowing. Also, your skin isn’t exposed to harsh chemicals used in bleach.

Oral Care:

Grooming rules also include visiting a dentist regularly for getting your teeth cleaned. We have many DIY recipes for cleaning your teeth at home. Few DIY recipes include ingredients which are very acidic and can damage the calcium in teeth or just make your teeth more yellow. We think that teeth need to be in safe hands as once lost we can’t get them back like our hair or skin. Get your teeth cleaned only by a dentist. Clean and white teeth always look attractive and make your smile look youthful. Tendency of bad breath odour reduces with proper dental care. 


Chapped and dry lips look bad on everyone. It also interferes in the smooth application of a lip color or lip gloss.

Exfoliate your lips once in a week with your regular toothbrush. Apply a good lip balm daily before going to bed.


We are not going to suggest a regular manicure. We believe in pocket friendly grooming tips. There are only two points here –

Damaged nails make your hands look bad. Clip your nails regularly and moisturise your cuticles. You can use a nail shiner to give them a healthy shine.

Nail art or love for long nails, grooming rule suggests keeping them short. Short nails are forever in fashion. Long nails need a lot of care and make it difficult for our hands to remain as functional as they are supposed to be. Say bye to long nails.

Your nails can wear nail paint or stay bare. But chipped nail polish should not stay on your nails. Remove the nail polish immediately for a groomed look.

Some of us tend to bite or rather eat nails while thinking or just out of habit. STOP this habit immediately. It doesn’t give a good first impression.

Knees and Elbows:

After your hands, dry knees and elbows catch attention very easily. A clean elbow and knee makes you look pleasant and well groomed.

Exfoliate them during bath followed by a good moisturiser before going to bed.


Cracked heels or damaged toe nails are spoilers. No matter how well dressed you are or your footwear is spot on, a bad feet can do equal harm to all the good efforts you have put in.

Apply a good foot cream to get rid of cracked heels and for fresh and healthy feet.

Clip your toe nails regularly. Dirty toe nails look disgusting.

Do a pedicure at home at least once in fifteen days. There are good DIY recipes for pedicure at home.  

Unwanted Body Hair:

Unwanted body hair is the first check in the list followed by nails, feet and other check points. If you want to look presentable and personally feel good, get rid of unwanted hair.

The most pocket friendly way of removing unwanted hair is shaving. It used to be an unconventional method before but now globally it is becoming a new trend replacing the other painful hair removal techniques.

Get a branded shaving kit. You can use your body wash or hair shampoo to lather your skin for that perfect shave. It will not only remove the unwanted hair but also make your skin smooth and shiny. A good moisturiser should follow post shaving.


Skin speaks a lot about your lifestyle choices. A naturally healthy and glowing skin is rare to find but can be achieved through the right grooming routine.

  • Use a good body wash while taking bath. Exfoliate your body once in a week. Moisturise full body after shower
  • Wash your face with a good face wash twice in a day
  • Never miss applying a sunblock fifteen minutes before stepping out of the house

Disclaimer – Healthy food intake, drinking lots of water, good sleep and other factors are also inherent for getting a glowing and healthy skin.

Makeup Application:

Wear makeup only if you think it is needed. The no- makeup look is an all-time favourite and would never fail you. Please note that makeup should only enhance your looks and not change your features. If the makeup is over done it will make the makeup look cakey. So wear makeup according to the occasion allowing the natural shine and glow of your skin to show.

Smell Good:

You should always smell good. A perfume and a deodorant tell a lot about you. Using a very strong fragrance perfume or deodorant is BIG NO. The smell of your perfume should reach the person next to you and not fill the entire place.  A mild perfume will make you smell good and make a positive impression.

Dressing Good:

Wear clothes as per the place and occasion, like wearing flashy clothes to work is misfit. Your clothes should be ironed well and fit you properly. Don’t wear anything which is trending but doesn’t look good on you. Understand your body type and personality before putting on attire. Follow fashion to the extent that it enhances your personality and is not a fashion faux pas. You don’t have to show your skin but cover it up with correct and fashionable clothes.  


Like clothes, your hairstyles should be neat and clean. Go for hairstyles which are easy to manage and suit you. Good hairstyle adds confidence in you and makes you look more attractive and well groomed.

Footwear and Accessories:

Footwear is as important as your attire. Wear heels only if you are confident of not tripping or wear boots only if your outfit calls for it. Wear the right footwear which goes with your outfit and is comfortable.

Your footwear should be clean and if you are wearing shoes or boots, they should be clean and polished.

The sole of your footwear should not make any sound while walking.

Wear minimal jewellery and accessory. It is a fashion statement in itself. Your accessories should be a bonus and not take away all the attention.

Follow these head-to-toe basic grooming tips and see yourself shining in the crowd. When you are groomed well you know you look good which is a feeling that we all look for. So what are you waiting for?

If we have missed out on any other grooming tip, please let us know in comments section.

Happy Grooming!!

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