Feeding Essentials For Feeding Mother

Feeding Essentials

Once the new-born arrives home from hospital, feeding is the most demanding and responsible job of the mother. At least for initial six months, the infant is only on mother’s milk. Her mental and physical development is directly proportional to the feeding discipline. However, when mother’s milk is not sufficient, only then external sources are suggested. For a healthy baby it’s best to feed her once in every 3 hours.

The diet of feeding mother should be a balanced one. She should include lactogenic foods like green leafy vegetables, garlic, cumin seeds, oats, and so on in her diet. She should also stay hydrated and continue with Iron and Calcium supplements as suggested by consulting doctor during her pregnancy.

The above two steps will ensure a continuous and good quality of milk for the new-born.

This blog will cover a list of feeding essentials that will make the life of a feeding mother better and help her in faster recovery from delivery.

Must Have Feeding Essentials For Feeding Mother

Feeding Pillow

The feeding pillow will help in a good latch. It will support your baby and lift her up to the level of your breasts. It will also reduce the strain on mother’s back, neck, hands and shoulders.

Breast Pump

It pumps out breast milk from your breasts. You can collect and store this milk for later use. It is helpful to those who have heavy milk supply and suffer from frequent leakages. The pump will store this extra milk. On the other hand, those who struggle with good milk supply can also use the pump as it will stimulate the breast gland to produce more milk. If you are a working mother who will have to return to work, this instrument is a must as it’s best to give your baby breast milk for the first six months. All in all the benefits of the pump help both the mother and the baby. This process of taking out milk is called milk express. One can also express milk using her hands. But this process can be tiring for your hands. Breast pump comes in two forms – Manual and Electic, the latter being a bit pricier.

Must Read Know The Breast Pump Brands

Infant Formula

Infant Formula also known as baby formula is a composition prepared for bottle feeding. You mix powder with water before offering it to the baby. It is a substitution for breast milk and is exclusively meant for infants less than 12 months of age. It is supposed to have all the essential nutrients that breast milk has and is prepared under the guidelines. Infant formulas are available as per the infant’s age. It is given when the baby is unable to breastfeed or mother is sick and unwell or the production of breast milk is not sufficient enough to keep the baby full and so on.

Feeding/Storage Bottles and Bags

They are designed for collecting and storing milk. They protect and make your milk last longer as they can also be refrigerated.


The feeding bottle, bowl and other accessories must be sterilised daily. You can sterilise using hot water and soap or by keeping them in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes or use a branded steriliser. Also, never sterilise the bottle and any accessory in the microwave even if they are safe for microwave use. Microwave uses steam to sterilise and doesn’t sterilize effectively. It can also damage the plastic. You can buy a steriliser that is compact and portable. One should always wash the equipment first with water and then sterilise using any of the sterilising options. If you don’t plan to sterilise the feeding bottle immediately after feeding, at least wash it with water so that the milk stains do not dry.

Nipple Shields

A nipple shield is worn over your nipple during breast feeding and is safe for your baby to take it in her mouth. It is made out of silicone and is thin and flexible. This is a heavenly instrument for mothers who face feeding issues due to factors like – small or inverted nipple which doesn’t allow the baby to latch on, new-born baby facing difficulty latching on to breast, sore or cracked nipples which are very painful or if the baby was bottle-fed immediately after birth and so on. Nipple shield takes care of all the feeding issues.

Nursing Bra

Your breasts will be frequently full and heavy especially in the first few weeks post-delivery. This can give you shoulder and back pain and make your breasts sag. It’s essential to have a nursing bra which will support your breasts and stop them from sagging. You can keep 3 to 4 nursing bras. They also come with hooks in the cups which can be unhooked and pulled down for feeding. You can feed her easily during travelling or while in a public place.

Nipple Cream

Your baby will be advised to be only on breast milk for the first 6 months. Due to wrong latching, incorrect use of breast pump, dry weather or conditions like blebs, mastitis and so on, the nipples get sore. Sore nipples can make the breastfeeding session uncomfortable for both mother and baby. They also interfere in the flow of the breast milk. Use a nipple cream if the nipples are sore due to wrong latching or incorrect use of breast pump or dry weather. If you have sore nipple due to conditions like bleb and so on, consult your doctor for the right nipple cream.

Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful experiences a mother can have. It also strengthens the bond between mother and baby. Breastfed babies are happier, sleep more and are less likely to be obese. So what are you waiting for? Stock these essentials for a happy motherhood.

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