Face Toner Or Face Mist? Are They Same? Know The Difference.

Face Toner Or Face Mist? Are They Same? Know The Difference.
Face Mist or Face Toner? Know the Difference

The skin care routine has evolved over the years. The CTM (cleansing – toning – moisturising) process has been upgraded with more skincare steps which also means using more skincare products. A part of this revolution is the vital use of products like face mist. Face mist is a water based product like toner. As a result many of us are confused with a million doubts regarding such products. One of the most controversial questions asked is – What is the difference between Face Toner and Face Mist? Do I need face toner if I use face mist or vice versa? Continue reading as we decode the difference between toner and mist and help you understand the beauty of both the skincare products.

Both products come in similar form yet their roles in skin care routine differ. Now-a-days toners like mists are available in spray bottles which add to the confusion.

What is Face Toner?

This age old magical skincare product is an astringent that deep cleans, shrinks your pores and restores the skin pH balance. It is the second step in the CTM (Cleansing – Toning – Moisturising) process.  It nourishes your skin after the cleansing process by providing the much needed anti-oxidants and nutrients. Daily use of a toner slows down the aging process by keeping the skin firm and clear.

Key Points For Toner-

Buy a toner for your skin type as toner can make your skin dry.

Apply toner using a cotton pad. Dab the cotton pad on skin instead of rubbing it into your skin.

If spritzing allow it to air dry.

What is Face Mist?

One of the most underrated skin care products but a huge sensation these days. It is a water based product which contains essential oils and soothing agents. It hydrates and refreshes the skin. It does what water does to our body. But remember that a mist does NOTHING to your pores. Besides skincare benefits, it can be used extensively before every step of your makeup and skincare routine.

Know How? Face Mist – The Magical Spray and Ways of Using Face Mist.

Key Points For Face Mist-

See the ingredients before buying a mist. If it is not properly formulated it can make your skin dry and ruin the purpose of a mist. It should contain glycerine, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and any nourishing oil.

Face mist comes in spray bottle. Hold the bottle 5 to 6 inches away from your away before spritzing and allow it to air- dry.

The key differences between Toner and Mist are –

Toner cleans and shrinks your pores and mist does nothing to your pores

Mist can be used before every skincare and makeup step unlike toner

Hope this explains toner and mist to you. It is time that you include both products in the skincare routine if you haven’t already. For any further questions, shout out in the comments below.

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