Face Mist – The Magical Spray And Ways Of Using A Face Mist

Face Mist – The Magical Spray And Ways Of Using A Face Mist
Face Mist – The Magical Spray And Ways Of Using A Face Mist

A contemporary skin care essential. Yes, the most talked about and also the most underrated product – the face mist. It is a gift from the Korean skincare regime. This product has become a staple in the skincare routine of every beauty expert. Face mists arrived and took over everyone with its awesomeness. But how much do we understand this magic spray?  Is it a path breaking innovation or a fad? What are the benefits of using a face mist and when should you apply it? What is the difference between Face Mist and Face Toner? All your questions will be answered as you read on.

Face Mist – The Magical Spray and Ways of Using Face Mist

What Is Face Mist?

Face Mist is a hydrating product that comes in spray form. The spray bottle contains water like liquid but it’s more than just scented water. It contains essential oils and hydrating agents which make your skin hydrated and glowing. It can be used on all skin types and feels light on skin. Face mist does what water does to your body. It makes your skin hydrated and evens out the complexion. This tiny bottle has lot more uses than these basic skin benefits which are listed below.

Face mists are booming with great variants. It is best to understand your skin type and skin problem and accordingly get one for you.      

Warning Regarding Face Mists

Some face mists are watery and not properly formulated. They do more harm than good. Instead of hydrating your skin, they make your skin look dull and lifeless. The water component in the mists takes away the moisture of the skin while getting evaporated. So check the ingredients first.

The face mist should always have essential oils and hydrating agents like aloe vera, glycerine, hyaluronic acid and so on.

How Do You Apply Face Mist?

Hold the bottle about 5 to 7 inches away from your face and spray. You will need 4 to 5 sprays to hydrate your entire face.  

It is best to buy a small bottle of around 50 ml so you can carry it with you while you are on the go.   

Ways of using a face mist:

Rebalance PH Of Skin –

Use it after applying an acid toner on your face. This will rebalance the PH level of skin and restore the moisture.

When you wake up –

Like your body, your skin needs a morning booster. Kick start your morning with 4 to 5 sprays of your favourite mist. This will instantly lift your mood leaving your skin soft and glowing. 

Before You Apply Moisturiser –

Apply the mist right before moisturising. Your skin will absorb the moisturiser like never before. You will be shocked with the dewy look you achieve due to locked in moisture.

Replace Primer With Mist –

Time has come to replace primers with face mists. When you apply mist before foundation, it hydrates and makes your skin smooth for a great make up finish.

Makeup’s BFF In Summers –

Face mists should be in your pocket all the time during summers. They hydrate your skin and protect it against the harsh summer heat. The best advantage is that it keeps the makeup intact and prevents your makeup from melting down.

Touch-up Your Makeup With Mist –

When you are on the go with no time for touch-ups, mists are a big saviour. Just mist your face and blend your makeup again. Mist gives the lost life to makeup without you re- doing makeup again.

Makeup Fixer –

Mist your face after applying makeup. It will let the makeup stay as it is and give you a fresh and dewy look.

Dilute Makeup Products –

You can dilute a thick cream or foundation, dampen the beauty blender or makeup brush and so on and make the make-up products work for you.

Face mists are as important as serums, essential oils, primer and so on. It is still an under rated skin care product. The benefits of mists are way more than any other skincare product. The benefits of using a mist are instantly felt along with the visual effects that are blissful. This product should be tried at least once, you won’t regret buying it.

Let us know your skin type and your favorite mist.

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