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Graco baby car seat is the indisputable safest baby car seat. Baby car seat or infant car seat is a baby essential. And, why not? Safety of infants and toddlers demands uber importance during travel. Mother’s arms and lap can not give security more than an infant care seat.

Market is flooded with a variety of baby – car safety harnesses with a dozen of features. This leaves the new-born parents lost in the ocean of car seat options.

Our Recommendation:

  • Always buy first hand and branded car seat. A used car seat can be hazardous as we won’t know of any damage or non-functionality until put in use. There is no point in taking risks.
  • Buy a multi-purpose car seat i.e. car seat stroller in one or convertible car seat
  • Measure the size of your seats before buying a car seat

Graco Baby Car Seat

About Graco

Graco is one of the world’s most recognized and trusted baby product companies. It is a 60 years old brand known for making practical and dependable parenting solutions. Their products stem around child safety, easy to operate and durability. Their products add helping hand to every parent thus relieving them from handling hassles and peace of mind.

Product: CAR SEAT

Graco Baby Car Seat Features:

  • Car seats are designed as per the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations
  • Crash tested to meet or exceed US FMVSS safety standards – Frontal, side, rear and rollover crashes
  • Level indicators , recline adjust ability and one-second latch, seat belt lock offs for quick installation
  • Light weight and easy to use
  • Easy interchange between multiple cars
  • Side-impact technology gives maximum protection 

Did you know your car seat expires?

Expiration range of a car seat is between 6 months to 10 years. It’s important to check the expiry dates as expired or used car seats can be dangerous.
Graco stamps the expiration date in the bottom of each car seat. It makes it easier for us to know when the time to change the car has come.

Most Important Car Seat Position:

Your child should always be riding rear-facing until she reaches the maximum rear-facing heigt or weight for her car seat.

Graco Baby Car Seat Varieties:

Refer to the table below that recommends the car seat type according to your child’s age, weight and height.

Graco Infant Car SEat
Graco Infant Car Seat Weight and Height

Please note that this is purely based on the Graco market available and not recommendations Source: Grac

Best-selling Graco Baby Car Seats :

Graco Snugride Snuglock Series: ( For Infants)


  • Buckle Latch
Graco Baby Car Sit | Extend2Fit | 4Ever | Snuglock SnugRide
  • Hassle-free installation using the car seat belt.
  • Rear-Facing position
  • Base has 4 position recline and easy to read level indicator (eliminates possibility of wrong installation) to ensure right installation of the latch

  • Remove Slack
Graco Baby Car Sit | Extend2Fit | 4Ever | Snuglock SnugRide
  • Ideal for infants from 4 – 35 lb and upto 32″.
  • Click Connect technology enables the seat to get attached to any Graco stroller in one step
  • Lock for Secure Install
Graco Baby Car Sit | Extend2Fit | 4Ever | Snuglock SnugRide
  • Removable new-born head and body support cushions
  • Includes canopy

Best pick from Graco baby car seat snugride snuglock series:

Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 DLX Infant Car Seat

Graco Baby Car Sit | Extend2Fit | 4Ever | Snuglock SnugRide

More SnugRide Snuglock Models : Click Here (Varying as per height and weight)

Graco Convertible Series – Extend2Fit ( Infants to Toddler)

Features :

Graco Baby Car Sit | Extend2Fit | 4Ever | Snuglock SnugRide
  • Ideal from 4-50 lb rear facing and 22-65 lb forward facing (not many brands have this option)
  • Steel reinforced frame
  • one second in right latch system along with easy to read level indicator
  • integrated dual cup holders
Graco Baby Car Sit | Extend2Fit | 4Ever | Snuglock SnugRide
  • 4 position extension panel that gives 5 additional inches of leg room
  • 6 position recline ( 4 of 6 position in rear facing) and 10 position head-rest
  • Cannot be attached to a Graco stroller

Best Pick From Series:

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat:

Graco Baby Car Sit | Extend2Fit | 4Ever | Snuglock SnugRide

More Extend2Fit Models: Click Here

Graco All-In-One Car Series: 4Ever


  • Gives you 10 years of use
  • Rear facing from 4-50 lb and forward facing from 22-65 lb
  • High-back belt-positioning from 40-100 lb
  • Backless belt-positioning booster 40-120 lb
  • Perhaps this will be the only car seat you ever buy – can be used until 12 years of age

Best pick from this series: Combination of All in one 4 ever and Extend2Fit

Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit 4 in 1 Car Seat : All in one

Graco Baby Car Sit | Extend2Fit | 4Ever | Snuglock SnugRide

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q – How long should a child be rear-facing?

At least till the age of 2 years or till the time your infant’s height and weight is within the infant car seat’s height and weight parameters.

Q – Is it okay to use an expired car seat?

No. It is advised to always use a new car seat. You can look for the car seat expiration during purchase. An expired car seat is hazardous as it can be outdated in terms of technology and set standards. Same goes for used car seat. We may not know about any damage or non-functionality of the seat until put in use.

Q – Does the Graco 4ever fit on a plane?

Yes. It is FAA approved. It is big in size. Carrying it to the terminal accompanied by your luggage and baby can make it a bit heavy.

Q – Will my Graco 4Ever or Extend2Fit car seat serve as an infant carrier and transfer to a stroller?


Q – What’s the difference between Graco Extend2Fit and 4Ever?

The main difference between the two are as follows:

Graco Extend2Fit comes with an additional 5″ leg room in the rear position. This helps the baby stay in rear position for longer. Also the basic Graco Extend2Fit model is only rear and front facing car seat.

Graco 4Ever is an all in one convertible that can be converted to high-back booster and backless booster in addition to rear facing and front facing position. This car seat model will stay with you right from the time your child is born until 12 years of age.

Graco car seats can never be a wrong choice. The brand offers a variety of options with minor modifications here and there. This read has filtered and recommended models which offer must-have features.

If this read helps you buy a Graco car seat please give us a thumbs up.

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