How To Measure Bra Size – Checks To Know Your Size

It is a dream to have a beautiful bosom. We all wish for that firm and lifted look. One of the keys to such beautiful breasts is by wearing the right size bra. When you wear the right bra, you feel more confident and comfortable. If your bra is tight, straps falling off or digging into your skin, cups feeling loose and so on , you are wearing the wrong size. An ill-fitted bra can give you breast pain, sore nipples, shoulder and neck pain and so on. It is time that we now understand how to choose a bra which is your size. So not only for a good look but also for a good health let us understand how to measure bra size.

Points to Remember

  • Every bra type can have a different bra size
  • Bra sizes can differ across different brands
  • Always re-calculate your bra size before buying a new bra
  • You shouldn’t be wearing a padded bra or thick material tops when you do the measurement.  The best way is to go bra-less while making measurements
  • Don’t take measurement when you are about to get into menstrual cycle as breasts tend to be sore and swollen
  • To know what size are you, it is important to understand how the size chart is defined.

Understand the Alphanumeric Bra Measurements

The bra sizes are alphanumeric where numeric part is your band size and alphabet is the cup size. If your size is 32B, ‘32’ is the band size and ‘B’ is the cup size.

Measure Your Band Size

Take a tape measure and wrap it around your chest, just below your breasts. The under bust size will define the band size. If you get an odd number or fractions, then round it off to the next even number. A size of 35 inches should be rounded off to 36. The tape should be held properly against your body and should not press your breasts.

Measure Your Cup Size

Now take the tape to the fullest part of your breast. The best way is to measure it at the nipple area. Wrap the tape loosely around this area. The nipples shouldn’t be pressed and should stay as it is. If the measurement is an odd number or is in fractions, then round it off to the next even number.

Know Your Cup Size

Now subtract the CUP SIZE from the BAND SIZE. The difference is your cup size. A band size of 36 inches and cup size of 32 inches makes you of the size 36D. (Refer to the size chart).

Please note that every bra brand will have a size chart. Refer to the size chart before making any purchase. Also, the bra measurements can be in inches or centimetres and the calculation will remain the same.

Ensuring That Bra Size Is Correct

After picking a bra of your size, do the following checks. Bend forward and then wear the bra. This will ensure that your breasts are fully inside the cups and the band sits at the right place under your breasts.


Make some hand movements and look for any unusual movement.

If the straps are falling off your shoulders, bra moves up or the breasts fall out, adjust the straps first. If problem persists, try a smaller cup size.

If the straps are digging into your skin, adjust the straps. If the problem still persists, try the next size bra.


Always hook the bra using the last row of hooks as you will need the first two rows to tighten when the elastic loosens over time.

The front and back of your bra should be at same level. If the back of the bra is riding up, the band is loose and you need a smaller size band.

You should be able to glide one finger underneath the band comfortably. This means your band is not tight.


The center part should sit perfectly between your breasts. It should not be loose nor should it poke you. This part should be tighter as compared to the band running beneath your breasts. You shouldn’t be able to slide a finger under the center.


The cups should look full and smooth. If you see empty spaces in the cups, you need a smaller cup size. If you see bulges on the sides under your arms, you need a bigger cup size.

How to go up or down one size?

If you go up or down your band size, change the cup size too. For example, if 34B is small for you, move to 36A or if 34B is big for you, move to 32C.

So when you go up one band size, go down one cup size and vice versa.

Follow these basics and be assured you can never go wrong while choosing a bra for you. All shapes and sizes are beautiful. We only need to take care of them.

If you have any questions on this topic, please leave it in the comments sections. We will be happy to assist.

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