You Are Drinking Water The Wrong Way – Know The Right Way

Drink Water the Right Way
Drink Water The Right Way

Staying hydrated is a big fitness trend. Water helps us to stay hydrated, regulates body temperature and plays a crucial role in functioning of all body organs. With widespread awareness of 8 X 8 rule which states that you should drink eight glasses of 8 ounce (around 2 litres) water daily, people know how to stay hydrated. But in the process of drinking 8 glasses of water, how we consume water also matters.

According to a study almost 95% people drink water the wrong way. Let us see what mistakes we make to stay hydrated.

Not Drinking Water After Waking Up

Are you a morning tea or coffee person? Or do you directly start your day with breakfast? This is a perfect start for most of us. Least do we know that we are missing a very important step to stay hydrated. Our body spends 6-8 hours without any fluid intake and the whole metabolism process is slowed down. So the first step should be to hydrate our body immediately after waking up. Water will restore the fluid level and metabolic activities. 


  • Start your day with 2 to 3 cups of water

Love Drinking Ice Cold Water

People love drinking cold water especially during summers. In fact, their thirst doesn’t die unless they drink cold water. One myth that prevails around drinking cold water is that it boosts the body metabolism. Just know that human body is warm blooded and is not designed to have such ice cold water. It hampers the digestive system.


  • Mix some cold water with water at normal temperature (and not hot water). This will satisfy the longing for cold water
  • You can also store water in earthen pots, it will cool water naturally

Confusing Thirst With Hunger

Around 70% of time, we confuse thirst with hunger and end up snacking. When we don’t drink adequate quantity of water, we end up feeling hungry.


  • Sip a glass of water and wait for 15-20 minutes. If you still feel hungry it is the time to munch your favourite food.

Drinking Water Immediately After Meals

Drinking water post meal harms the digestion process. Once food is in stomach, the digestive juices get in action to break it down and absorb the nutrients. Water when consumed post meal disrupts the digestion process by diluting the gastric juices. As a result the food doesn’t get digested which causes gas, acidity and so on.


  • Drink water after at least 30 minutes of finishing meal
  • Don’t drink cold water

Not Including Water Content of Solid Foods

We forget to include the water content that comes from solid foods like grapes, watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes and all other water filled fruits and veggies. They contain more than 95% water. We overlook these foods while counting the glasses of water. It is a good deal to include these foods as a source of water instead of only drinking plain water as these foods contain lot of vitamins and minerals in addition to water.

Drinking Water From Plastic Bottles

It is safe to drink water in a plastic bottle which is BPA free. Water bottled in disposable plastic bottles is a strict NO. These bottles have BPA which cause cancer and other health issues.


  • Get a BPA-free plastic water bottle when you are on the go.
  • Back at home drink water from glass bottles.

Drinking Water While Standing or Running

When you drink water in standing or running position, it is one of the worse things you can do to your body. The water goes directly to the lower stomach with high pressure due to standing position and without any filtration by kidneys. This damages kidneys, doesn’t let your body absorb nutrients in water, accumulates water in your joints and so on.


  • Always drink water in sitting position  

Chugging Water Instead Of Sipping

Do you drink a lot of water very quickly? If yes, it is called chugging water. Our body is not designed for chugging water and tends to get rid of this flood of water immediately by making you pee frequently. So the whole mission of staying hydrated fails leaving you dehydrated instead.

  • Chugging water leaves no scope for the body to use water in any way.

It is utmost important for the saliva to get mixed with water before reaching the stomach. Saliva is needed for digestion as it stimulates the gastric juices in the belly. When there is no saliva in the water, the food doesn’t get digested properly and stays in the body.

  • Drinking Too Much Water

In the mission to stay hydrated, we sometimes drink water more than our body needs. The extra water only gets flushed out by our system. But it can also put our life in danger. Know how? Water Intoxication, medically named Hypernatremia, happens when you drink too much water in very short time. So to accommodate this extra water, water enters in the body cells making them swell. And if this happens in the brain, it can cause death.


  • Always sip water slowly
  • Get rid of bottles with wide mouth. Drink water from a glass or a sipper to drink water slowly
  • Drink water only when you feel thirsty

Water is our nectar, so let it not be a poison for our body. If we drink water in the right manner, it is a blessing. Stop making these mistakes while drinking water.

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