Know the Diaper Brands

Know the Diaper Brands

When I think of baby hygiene, the first image that hits my mind is diapers. A Diaper works as an absorbent for body defecation and urine. It prevents spreading of body waste and keeps baby clean and hygienic. By absorbing the liquid waste, a diaper makes baby happy by keeping her free from stickiness. Based on urine frequency, quantity and age of baby the diapers should be changed periodically. It is advised to change the diapers once in every 4 hours. In case of solid waste i.e. baby poop, diaper should be changed immediately. One should be more careful in case of baby girl as they are more prone to urine infection.

The fabric and material of diaper should absorb the waste easily and keep the baby skin free from itchiness, rashes and any skin irritation. Considering the importance of the diapers, it’s equally important to know the good diaper brands.

Know the diapering brands across the globe that promise to keep your baby safe and happy.

Pampers from Procter & Gamble

P&G is one of the leading personal care companies from the U.S. It has well-diversified product portfolio, ranging from health to beauty care and personal hygiene to home care segment. Pampers is one of the leading brands in the group and it is one of the oldest brands when it comes to baby hygiene segment.

  • Good quality fabric
  • Ranging from regular to premium diaper care
  • Well accepted in hospitals

Huggies from Kimberly-Clark

Kimberly-Clark is one of the best and oldest companies in personal hygiene segment. It is also an American company, having hygiene-based products under the umbrella. They have a complete range of personal hygiene products from infants to adults. Huggies is one of the most accepted diapering brands and a leader in the category.

  • Affordable price tag
  • Well accepted in hospitals
  • Easily available

MamyPoko Pant from Unicharm

Unicharm is one of the fastest growing Japanese companies specialized in diapering and feminine hygiene care. In couple of decades they have increased their global presence with their products well accepted by customers. MamyPoko is third leading diaper brand which is growing rapidly in many Asian countries.

  • Multilayer with Extra Absorbent
  • Superior Comfort
  • Pant style pattern

Himalaya Baby Diapers from Himalaya

Himalaya is a well-known herbal and natural care company with a presence in more than 120 countries. They are the first of a kind who have a product portfolio made from Ayurveda and modern science. Their diaper range has natural ingredients which provide maximum protection from dampness.

  • Enriched with Aloe Vera
  • Paraben free
  • Super absorbent polymer layer

Chicco Diapers from Chicco

Chicco is an Italian company with a presence in more than 100 countries. It’s a well-known brand in child care segment and they are known for quality of their products. They specialize in making products that fulfill the requirements of an infant to a child. Their nappy changing products are a big hit.

  • Dry fitting diapers
  • Easily available
  • Premium priced

Pigeon Diapers from Pigeon

Pigeon is a Korean company with a huge diversified product portfolio in household product category. The brand is present in more than 40 countries. Baby and maternity care is one of the categories it caters to and is known to be market leader in International markets. It has an extensive range of products that take care of every need in mother and baby care.

  • Recommended by medical professionals
  • Wetness Indicator
  • Pant style pattern
  • Super absorbent pad

Luvs from Procter & Gamble

Luvs is another diaper brand from P&G. These diapers are of advanced design and are premium priced.

  • Overnight wetness protection
  • Wetness indicator
  • Soft and comfortable

Seventh Generation by Unilever

Unilever is one of the oldest FMCG companies in the world. The products of Unilever sell in close to 200 countries with a strong and loyal customer base. Seventh Generation diapers are a part of their baby care segment. They are slightly pricier owing to their organic nature. The brand aims to take care of the baby and the next seven generations to come.

  • 0% chlorine bleaching, no fragrance and lotions used
  • Anti-leaking system
  • Highly absorbent

Drypers by SCA Hygiene Malaysia Sdn Bhd

SCA Hygiene Malaysia is part of Vinda Group. Vinda group is a leading group in Asia for hygiene care products. SCA Hygiene Malaysia is 16 year old company with Drypers being one of its best brands. It has a wide range of diapers to suit every milestone of baby’s growth. It has both tape diaper and pant diaper which come in different sizes.

  • Flexible fitting
  • Affordable price tag
  • Active dry layer

ECO by Naty

ECO by Naty is a Swedish company and provider of eco-friendly diapers; they have their product availability in sixteen countries. Their product portfolio consists of baby hygiene, baby bath, body care and feminine hygiene.

  • 100% bio and plant based material in contact with baby skin
  • No use of chemicals
  • Super absorbent polymers

TenderCare by Earth’s Best

Earth’s Best is almost 35 years old company committed to produce natural and organic products for kids. Earth’s Best is into baby hygiene and baby food segment. TenderCare is available in seven sizes and has breathable sides to provide a complete comfort and perfect fit to babies.

  • Chlorine Free
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Made of nature from corn and wheat starch

One of the keys to a happy infant is putting her in a proper fitting diaper. We have shared brands that have good customer experience and are easily available. The shopping centers will have a different run up of brands in different regions but it is best to know what suits your little one. Your shopping cart should have that one which makes your baby happy and comfortable.

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