Understanding Push Chair: Pram Vs Stroller

Understanding Push Chair: Pram Vs Stroller
Pram Vs Stroller

As it’s time for your little one to sit up and move around with you, it is time for you to understand the difference between Pram and Stroller.

Pram and Stroller, also known as pushchairs, are vehicles for your baby.

If you want to go for a quick walk or shopping, your baby can sit or sleep in it. Instead of holding baby in your shoulders for long, you can carry her in it. It is up to you to get a pram or stroller for little one as it depends on how old your little one is.

We use Pram and Stroller as synonym of each other. But there are fundamental differences between the appearances and uses of these models.

  • Pram is meant for newborns and infants while stroller is for toddlers
  • Pram is meant to carry babies when they are laid down or are asleep while stroller is meant for older babies who can sit
  • Pram is heavy weight and takes more space and stroller is foldable and light weight

It’s best to understand these differences before purchasing one. Also, the uses of pram and stroller are not only limited to taking your baby out. Both the carriers are equally useful in house. Your baby can lie down or sit while you finish your household chores. The carrier will keep the baby safe and baby can also enjoy your company while you move around in the house.

For baby’s safety, we should always go for best quality product. Key points on the product quality check:

  • Good quality of plastic and metal rods
  • Curves should be smooth enough to avoid any injury to baby
  • It should be spacious
  • A strong and good grip safety belt
  • Fabric should be of best quality and not allergic to baby skin

You can gift her new experience of mobility by getting her any of these two. We recommend that you buy as early as possible so your little one is habituated and doesn’t show any resistance later on, else it can be a dead investment.    

Congratulations! You're on the list.

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