Massage Essentials For Infant

Massage Essentials For Infant

Massage is a beautiful experience that a mother can give to her baby. It is one of the ways to express love for your baby. The massage will relax the muscles and calm her down. A baby should be given a massage daily before bath. The benefits of a massage include good sleep, aiding digestion, weight gain, easing teething pain, improved blood circulation, muscles getting relaxed and a strong bond between mother and infant. Massage also increases muscle strength and aids faster physical growth.

Massage Essentials For Infant

Equip yourself with the following must have massage essentials. Before you undress her for the massage, have these essentials ready.

Massage Mat

You can use a plastic mat or a large size quick dry or use an old thick towel. This will prevent the floor from the massage oil stains that can be hazardous for both you and   baby. Ensure that the mat is thick during winter in order to protect her from cold floor.   Wash the mat twice in a week.

Massage Oil

Massage oil makes it easier for your hands to glide over her body. This rhythm will make massaging more enjoyable for her. Massage cream and moisturizers are other options for massaging. But massaging with oil intensifies the massaging effects. There are various kinds of massage oils available in the market. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, baby mineral oil or various oils mixed together. Always do a patch test one day before starting massaging. In few instances, it has been observed that baby’s skin is allergic to olive oil. Consult your pediatric before using any oil variant.

Extra Pair Of Clothes

Baby should be kept for at least 30 minutes or so after massaging and then given shower. So you can either wrap her in an old towel or dress her up again. You can buy some clothes meant for this purpose.

Room Heater

As you undress the baby for massaging, it’s very important that the room is at right temperature. Winter and rainy season will alter your room temperature and make it cooler. If the room is cold for your baby, you will never be able to give a good massaging session. Always make the room warm first before you undress her.

These essentials will assist you during massaging session. The best massage is when your baby falls asleep during or at the end of the session.

Happy Massaging!!

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