Bath Essentials For Infant

Bath Essentials For Baby

Bathing your baby can be exciting yet nerve-wracking. It is one the best times of the day for your baby. A soak in the tub is extremely relaxing for them. That is why most of the times they end up sleeping immediately after bath. Giving your baby a good bath daily strengthens the bond between you two. These bath essentials will aid for a smooth bathing session and clean your baby without damaging her delicate skin. Here is a comprehensive bathing checklist.      

Baby Massage Oil

It is recommended you massage your baby before giving her a bath. This will lock the moisture of her skin.

Baby Bathtub

Some parents give bath in bucket or washbasin and conduct the bathing session smoothly and confidently. But this can be hazardous if baby slips or if mother’s hand loses grip. For these reasons, a baby bathtub is more suitable for your new-born. It comes in different sizes and designs. It is safer and more secured for her. The baby can sit comfortably in resting position and mother can also devote more time for bathing the baby.

Baby Body Wash

As your new-born is covered in swaddle wrap, deep cleaning will not be required for first few weeks. You can cleanse her body using baby body wash instead of baby soap.

Baby Soap

After first few weeks, you can start using baby soap. If it’s winter time then baby soap can be applied on alternate days and during summer it should be used daily.

Baby Shampoo

As babies are not exposed to the harsh environment, their scalp doesn’t really get greasy and dirty like ours. You can use shampoo one or twice in a week to clean her scalp.

Sanitized Cotton Balls

You will need these for cleaning around her delicate eyes. Use separate ball for each eye. Go from the inside to the outside of the eye with the cotton ball.

Hooded Towels

Hooded towels should be used during winter season. It will keep her ears and head covered and help her stay warm after bath. It will protect her from the change in temperature as the room will tend to be cooler as compared to humid bathroom. 

Regular Towel

Regular Towels can be used during warmer days. The towels should soft and fluffy linens.

Bath Toys

To make bath-time more enjoyable, you can add some bath toys in the tub.


Music keeps them calm. On certain days she may not show any readiness for getting into the tub. On such occasions,  you can play music to calm her down

Points To Remember

  • Keep these essentials ready before undressing her for bath
  • Never leave her unattended when she is in the bath tub
  • The bathroom should be warm. If not, use a room heater to make it warmer.

Gift her fun bathing experience daily with these essentials. After every bath she will glow with an impeccable smile.  

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