Diapering Essentials For Infant

Diapering Essentials For Your Infant
Diapering Essentials For Your Infant

Diaper changing can be messy if we are not prepared for it and this will be a part of daily routine from day one. This blog covers a list of must-have diapering essentials that will make diaper changing routine clean and hassle free. 

Before knowing these must have diaper changing essentials, follow these two tips first:

Fix a place for changing the diapers. Try to change diapers in same location as much as possible. This will limit the spread of germs because dirty diaper will be kept there for few minutes while changing. So avoid changing diapers at random places.

One should be prepared before changing the diaper. It will become messy if you first take off the diaper and then look for the essentials. Stock up the essentials at the spot decided for diaper changing. Also, it’s very dangerous to leave the infant unattended even for a minute.

Following are Diaper Changing Essentials for Hygienic and Hassle Free Diaper Changing Routine.

Quick Dry

Quick dry is an absorbent material which comes in the form of a mat. You can place your baby over it before changing the diaper. In case of any mess, you don’t have to worry about the bed cover or sofa seat as quick dry will absorb everything. If you don’t want to buy a quick dry, then you should have few pieces of cloth dedicated for diaper changing. However, quick dry has quality of drying up instantly.


Traditionally cotton balls and wet clean cloth were used to clean the baby. But in recent years, wet wipes are the new addition to the list. They are wet paper wipes with mild fragrance. These are meant for single use and come in variety of fragrances and pack sizes. You can use these wipes and dispose it off immediately.

Rash cream

It’s a good habit to apply diaper rash cream with every diaper change. It protects the skin from rashes and skin irritation. Look for the one that has Zinc oxide as it will keep the skin moisturized.

Baby Powder

Some parents prefer using baby powder every time they change the diaper. But before using any baby powder ensure that the baby powder is talc free.


We have options like Cloth Diaper, Diapers and Diaper Pants. Cloth Diapers are economical and environment friendly. Have at least a dozen of them in the stock as you will have to wash them thoroughly with hot water and allow them to dry. Diaper and Diaper Pants are single use disposable and more convenient. To understand the difference between diaper and diaper pants read here.

Hand Sanitizer

Always wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer before and after the diaper change. Also, it’s best to sanitize baby’s hands because it is possible that she may have touched something during diaper change and we may not have seen it.

Stock up these diapering essentials before your delivery. Each one of these essentials will be needed immediately after the delivery. These essentials will also help your baby stay calm and cooperate with you while you change her diaper.

Happy Diapering!!!

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