Best 5 Baby Powders For Summer 2020

Best 5 Baby Powders For Summer 2020
Top 5 Baby Powders For Baby 2020

The universe of baby powders is huge and when it comes to your baby we must always get the best. Isn’t it? Today we have many baby powder brands. So how do you pick one from these brands? We have chosen 5 best brands based on the ingredients used, brands and consumer reactions.

Best 5 Baby Powders For Summer 2020


This made-in-India brand is an excellent and one of the safest brands for your little one. It contains Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Khus and Natural Zinc. The brand also claims to be paraben free and free from synthetic color. It keeps your baby’s skin soft and gentle.

Grab one for that soothing effect.


Best alternative to Himalaya brand. It is micro biologically tested and is extremely light on baby skin. It comprises of natural talc and fragrance. Additionally, it is also a good value buy.

Keep your baby fresh through the day.


Another distinct baby care brand from U.K. It consists chamomile extracts and olive oil. The natural ingredients are hypoallergenic and is midwife tested. The powder keeps the skin soft and dry. Ideal for newborns.


An Indian brand and Asia’s first brand with MADE-SAFE Certified products. The powder is 100% natural talcum powder which is talc free made from organic and natural ingredients. Ideal for newborns with dry and sensitive skin. It is made from corn starch and organic oatmeal. It is paraben free, talc free , no SLS or synthetic ingredients.

Keep your baby’s skin moisturized.

Chicco Baby Moments Talcum Powder

It’s a growing baby products brand. It contains rice starch that makes the skin velvety and dry. It is hypoallergenic, has no parabens and is alcohol free . Ideal for all skin types. It keeps the skin soft and supple.

Pigeon Baby Powder

This Korean company has a huge basket of baby care products. This powder will keep your baby’s skin soft and fresh. It is enriched with chamomile, rosehip and organic olive oil. It has mild fragrance of lilac and vanilla. It is anti-irritant and hypoallergenic.

Pick any of the above mentioned brands and gift your baby a soft, dry and rash-free skin.

Important Tip: Always Dab the powder in circular motion and not rub it into the skin.

Please share your experience in the comments below.

Happy Parenting!!!

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