8 Must Know Makeup Uses with Baby Powder

Can baby powder be used as setting powder

If one is experimental, you discover hacks. So get ready to be blown away by some very useful and money saving hacks. I have penned down some makeup hacks with baby powder which I use in my personal life.

8 Must Know Makeup Uses with Baby Powder

1. Keeps Lipstick Intact

Apply one coat of lipstick. Then take baby powder and gently rub it on your lips. This will act as a lip primer. Now apply the second coat of lipstick and oh girl! you are all set to sway.

2. Beautiful Long Lashes

Apply baby powder on your lashes before you apply mascara. This will give you fuller, longer and thicker looking lashes.

A game changing hack that will make you look a million bucks.

Save your money by making compact powder at home using only 2 ingredients

3. Dry Shampoo

Rub baby powder at the hair roots. It will absorb the excess oil and give your hair a good bounce. Brush your hair to evenly distribute the powder. It will also add volume to hair.

A savior for that on the go or nail that look moment

4. Ultimate Primer

Baby powder is a good substitute of primer. It will absorb the facial oil and prevent your face from looking too shiny.

5. Concealer

Makeup is great fun when it is pocket friendly and you do it smartly

Concealer is very important to hide under-eye, pigmentation and marks. But what if you don’t have one?

Simply grab your foundation and add baby powder to it. Your concealer is ready.

6. Say Bye To That Expensive Makeup Fixer Spray.

Another intelligent hack. Apply baby powder after you are done with full face makeup instead of spraying makeup fixer.

Makeup will stay in place throughout the day and you shall look radiant.

7. For Silky Smooth Legs

Apply powder before waxing. The excess oil will get absorbed thus helping the wax spread better and will grab more hair.

8. Baby Powder As Setting Powder

Set your makeup with a baby powder. It will absorb the extra oil and give you a fine matte finish. In fact the results are way superior than a setting powder. Your makeup will glow more if you use the baby powder.

One hack is that you should ideally wait for 5 mins or so for your foundation, concealer and so on to sit on your skin.

I hope you have a good time using these hacks. Personally I use Himalaya Baby Powder as it has safe and herbal ingredients and is paraben free. You can buy it online at Amazon.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q Can i use Johnson baby powder as setting powder?

Yes. You can totally use Johnson baby powder as setting powder. This hack is pocket friendly and you can ditch expensive setting powders.

If you know such hacks then do let us know in the comments section.

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