Make Compact Powder at Home|No Foundation

Make Compact Powder at Home
Make Compact Powder @Home

How to Make Compact Powder at Home Without Foundation

Make Compact Powder with Only 2 Ingredients. An Awesome DIY.

Compact powder is a makeup essential. A good compact powder can shell out a crazy amount of money from your pocket. This is where either the compact powder is replaced by a talcum powder or the step is skipped. Both of these are wrong and can spoil your makeup with a cakey look.

We need it especially when we apply a concealer on our under eye, spots, blemishes and pigmented areas. By applying compact powder, the concealer doesn’t get into any line and skin fold. It gives a very smooth finish for the remaining makeup steps, that is, blush, contour, highlighter, or bronzer.

Tip: Always apply compact powder after you are done with application of foundation and concealer.

This blog shall cover a DIY for making a compact at home in just 5 mins with just 2 ingredients.

What Will You Need?

You will need BB or CC cream, talcum powder, mixing bowl and an old empty compact powder case.

Before we start, please note that the BB or CC cream should be one shade darker than your skin tone. It will become lighter when it’s mixed with talcum powder.


  1. Take the mixing bowl
  2. Place the loose talcum powder. You can take any quantity
  3. Add BB or CC cream. The quantity should be same as talcum powder
  4. Mix well. The paste should be consistent and smooth
  5. Transfer the paste to the compact powder case. Press the paste into the case in an even manner till it becomes firm. Use a spoon to do so. Allow it to rest for few minutes
  6. Compact powder is ready
  7. Store it in a refrigerator or keep it in a cool place

And your compact powder is ready to use. Try this DIY and always remember to use compact powder while doing makeup.

If this short read motivates you to make one then give us a thumbs up!!

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